Moving Down to Texas! And more pywer!

As some of you may know, I recently got a job working at Rackspace in San Antonio, Texas, and in a couple of weeks I'll be moving down to a fancy new apartment. I know I've gotten pretty lazy with this blog, but I've actually got some semi-valid excuses... semi-valid.

In addition to getting an amazing job and moving down, I've been working on my new pet project, pywer. If anyone has used cower, then you will probably think that the name sounds familiar. I detailed it in a different post. But I've been committing to it semi-regularly, adding features and such, and it has matured from being a single python file to a fully functioning library.

Currently 71 commits ahead of what it was at last time I wrote about it, I've added quite a few new things. Printing is much more efficient and also has color now, there's some option checking going on, more 'cower-ish' ways of parsing options, you can get the variables in a PKGBUILD using the new libaur.PKGBUILD repository, and as you can see in that link, python-sphinx documentation as well. You can see below the shortlog from 0.3 to the current head (0.9-14.g3b70e66):

William Giokas (72):
      libaur: Make the downloading the same as cower
      pywer: Error when run without a config file
      pywer: Allow `pywer -h` without a config file
      pywer: Allow you to override the config
      pywer: Add --target option
      Allow multiple args to certain operations
      todo: fix spelling mistake
      libaur: Clean up UpdatedPkgs
      tests: Add some basic input tests for printer
      pywer: Add --version flag
      pywer: Add {,no}ignore-ood
      pywer: Finish adding the quiet option stuff
      pywer: improve -h output
      libaur: Allow other_repos to be empty in the conf
      conf: Add IgnoreOOD directive
      conf: Add --baseurl option
      pywer: Put config-changing opts into own group
      printer: Add color and --color option
      Prepare for 0.5
      conf: Add variable for pywer version
      doc: Add python-sphinx documentation
      doc: Allow building docs from sdist tarball
      todo: Mark things as done
      Prepare 0.6 release
      doc: Force building of modules
      printer: Fix up the verbose/quiet flags
      pywer: Clean up parsing of arguments
      aur: use pyalpm to do the vercmp operations
      Prepare for 0.7 release
      pywer: Change up version checking
      PKGBUILD: Add basic PKGBUILD parsing to libaur
      color: Fix no-color printing of 'reset'
      pywer: Add pywer -ii
      Merge branch 'libaur.PKGBUILD'
      doc: Add sphinx doc for libaur.PKGBUILD
      printer: Fix printing long info's optdepends
      PKGBUILD: Add a test
      libaur: Add libaur.repo
      doc: Update to newest versions of aur and printer
      docs: Add docs for libaur.repo
      doc: Add flag info about --dbpath and -ii
      todo: Just did this. Feels good.
      Prepare 0.8 release
      printer: Remove `call` app, use repo functions
      pywer: Change --color arg to 'when'
      PKGBUILD: allow spaces before variables
      setup: Enable tests in
      TODO: update some of the items
      Add licenses to most files
      doc: Add some more descriptiont to the main page
      doc: Refer to libaur as a module
      doc: Point to git repository
      docs: UpatedPkgs => UpdatedPkgs
      pywer: Fix argument parsing and defaults
      docs: Not just using pyalpm, we already are.
      libaur.aur: Allow for use without pyalpm
      Change `root` to `dbpath`
      Update to version 0.9
      printer: Compltely overhaul the info printing
      pywer: Spelling mistake: poeration => operation
      pywer: Fix fallback processing
      setup: Add license
      pywer: Add formatted printing to the mix
      Merge branch 'libaur.printer.fmt' into 'master'
      todo: --format is now done
      doc: Add new data from printer
      printer: Change how we print multiple returns
      printer: More fixing of the printing
      printer: Just fixing some code formatting
      PKGBUILD: use shlex to split words like a shell
      pywer: use getboolean with SHOW_OOD
      PKGBUILD: Don't parse part of the variable

I know my name is the only one there, but if you want to add anything then just submit a patch to the github or send me a link to your git repo and which branch it is on! Any and all help is appreciated!

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