A New AUR Helper, pywer

Recently I've started doing some stuff in python, helping my friend write a bit of purl, a python version of his url parsing script for zsh. What I decided to do was write an AUR helper, since the AUR has a nice RPC interface for querying and searching.

So meet pywer, a library based AUR helper written in python. Currently it's just getting started and there are a lot of things missing from pywer, but currently it can search for both name and maintainer, show information, check for upgrades, and download and extract a source tarball from an AUR. The output for searching and getting information and downloading is exactly the same as that for cower, so it should make users of cower already semi-familiar without too much stuff being different. There is no color in 0.3.r1, but I'm hoping to add it within the week.

Also, you say cower normally, but there's no real way to say 'pywer' without sounding silly, so I just say it as you would say 'pyre'.

Comments !