My name is William Giokas. I go by KaiSforza on the internet, usually (irc, forums, etc.). I'm going to try to put some stuff up here as a simple blog. If you want to contact me about something that is up here, please feel free to email me at 1007380@gmail.com with questions.

Currently I am spending my time working on Arch Linux related things (like pacman's makepkg). Recently I have been working on zsh completion for systemd, which is a lot of fun.

On the topic of Linux, I have contributed to a few projects, and have forked one to make it my own as well. I've got a few lines contributed to pacman, netctl, and systemd, and I intend to continue contributing what I can to any project that interests me enough.

I started using Linux a few years ago, back when Ubuntu 9.04 was released, because Windows was releasing an update for Vista (Windows 7) and I couldn't stand running anything that heavy on my 2001 IBM Thinkpad, so I put Ubuntu on there and was pleasanly surprised. It was snappy, and did all of the things I wanted. After using Ubuntu for a couple of years, I figured that I would expand my horizons. I had gotten a new computer for my last year of high school, and so I started throwing every distro on distrowatch on there. One of the ones I tried was Arch Linux, but I was still pretty uncomfortable on the command line, and it kind of scared me when it came to the installation. So I put another Ubuntu/Debian distro on there, Linux Mint. Was pretty pleased with what they did to Gnome 3 to make it more like Gnome 2, but I got tired of the crashes and slowness that comes with most pre-configured distributions. As a test, I installed Arch on that old 2001 machine that I used to use. It ran like a dream. I don't know why I hadn't done this before, because even with that 135nm processor, it was flying. That computer has since retired, as I've run out of hard drives for it (the 40G pata drives that I have are all dead or dying). Now my little brother uses my Ideapad as a secondary machine to his massive desktop. I've still got more computers than I know what to do with, but my primary is a Lenovo Thinkpad T420, running Arch Linux, of course. My dad used to work for IBM so every computer that I've had pretty much since I was born has been a Thinkpad, and this computer lives up to their quality.

Thank you for visiting and reading,

William Giokas, aka: KaiSforza