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pywer is a python interface to the Arch Linux AUR. While the defaults make it work with, it can also be used with any website using the AUR software. It requires requests and pyxdg. You can optionally include pyalpm [1] to check for updates and the like. Everything else will work without pyalpm just fine.

While you can use the pywer script to easily search, introspect or update from a terminal, there is also an interface provided in libaur for use in your own python programs. It uses python3, though I will accept patches for compatability with python2.7+.

This software is licensed by William Giokas under the MIT/X Consortium License (See source). A copy of the license must be included when distributing this software or any major chunk of this software.

The entire source code is available in git at along with tarballs generated by cgit.

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[1]We only require pyalpm for the use of vercmp. If you have some other way of comparing versions that is the same as that of pacman but written in python, or a way to use just vercmp, please send in a patch. There is a libaur.vercmp branch to this repository that contains tests for a vercmp system.

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